Wide-Format Printers and Scanners in El Paso

Wide-format printers and scanners are the best options for businesses that require high-quality, reliable solutions. Superior Copy Machines offers wide format printers and scanners from Savin.
We also offer repair and maintenance services to get you back up and running.

Our Products and Services - Only the Best of the Best

Superior Copy Machines proudly offers Savin and Ricoh products due to their top-line efficiency and superior wide-format scanners and printers. Savin has been recognized for its environmentally sustainable products and green awards, meaning they improve how we work and how the world works as well. They provide the best wide-format scanners and printers we’ve seen in all of our years of experience. 

Over the last 50 years, we have used and handled every brand out there. With our knowledge and experience, we can fix and repair anything. Our inventory shifts as the newest and best products come in and out of the distribution phase, meaning that we always get you the best items on the market. If you’re looking to upgrade and want the best, look at the products we offer below.

Wide Format Printers

Wide-format printers use a maximum print roll that ranges from 18 to 100 inches wide. They use either inkjet or toner ink and are used for heavy printing or signage purposes. Our printers and scanners typically share built-in capabilities so that you have all-in-one access for your needs.

Print up to 2.1 ppm color and 3.8 ppm b&w 

Deliver up to 1200 × 1200 dpi resolution

Print 6.7 A1/D LEF b&w ppm at up to 600 dpi

Make information mobile and review it anywhere, anytime

Print up to 14 pages per minute 

Monochrome printing

Print up to 10 pages per minute 

Monochrome printing

Wide Format Scanners

Our wide-format scanners typically share built-in capabilities so that you have all-in-one access for your needs.

Built-in full-color scanning capabilities 

Deploy solutions that enhance collaboration and efficiency

Scan full-color originals at up to 1200 dpi 

A space-saving design maximizes floor space

Copying plus color scanning 

Deliver up to 2,500 images per month 

Use the built-in color scanner to make your information portable

Copying plus color scanning 

Deliver up to 1,200 images per month 

Use the built-in color scanner to make your information portable

How Wide Format Printers and Scanners Help Your Business

There are several reasons to use a wide format scanner and printer for your business. Not only the convenience to do everything when you’re ready to print but getting ready to show off your company or clients has never been easier or better.

Market your business with vivid images that make your company stand out. This makes it great for trade shows and expos when you have a booth.

If you’re in construction, marketing, healthcare, or entertainment, a wide format printer and scanner can help with layouts, advertisements, and infographics. 

When fulfilling big orders, there’s no better way to go then a wide-format printer to get more done.

On some wide-format printer models, you can print on almost any material out there. This helps your business grow as you work with clothing, graphics, signs, etc. 

Man waiting while printing paper with sketches

Repair Services Available

Is your wide format scanner or printer giving you issues? We can help with troubleshooting and repair options. No matter what is going on, we can provide you with simple solutions over the phone or send over a technician to see the underlying problem. We can help you upgrade your equipment if needed as well.

Contact Us To Learn More About Our Products

Our services are far and wide, all to better suit your needs as a business. We want to see our El Paso community continue to grow and excel in their services, which is why we devote ourselves to speed and efficiency. Give us a call at (915) 533-9821 or swing by our offices for more information.

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