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An illustration exemplifying the benefits of managed IT services

The Importance of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

We’re all aware that COVID-19 upended nearly every aspect of life in 2020. We’re also all operating under the assumption that this is our new reality, though we’re hopeful that things will return to “normal” in the future. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the demand for professional IT services. Indeed, as remote work

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The Importance of Printing in the Age of PDFs and Email

Do you remember the smell of a freshly printed book? Have you ever relished the glossy feel of magazine pages? Some believe these could be relics of the past. Wouldn’t that be a shame? Thankfully, printing is not going out of fashion any time soon. Evidence points to higher levels of reading comprehension from printed material versus digital

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Co-workers stand around getting help from the IT worker

8 Most Common IT Services that Offices Rely On

Offices everywhere rely on special services and products that allow them to stay on top of their daily tasks. Now that virtual offices are on the rise, more and more services are being used and implemented in these settings, especially IT services. Informational technology services and products provide office spaces and their employees with the

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Woman having a virtual meeting from home

10 Major Benefits of Going Virtual in the Workplace

From sharing an office to working in your home, the transition can be quite tricky. Many business owners and employees have learned plenty about working virtually in the past year. Some could say they are good with the technology, others maybe not so much. Either way, moving into a virtual workforce has definitely had a

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A young man using a wide-format printer to create posters of a sun design

7 Ways A Wide-Format Printer Will Benefit You

Every wonder how banners at conventions are made? Giant oversized posters and wall art? Large format printers—more specifically known as wide-format printers—are how all these awesome giant prints come to life. In the life and times of a digital age, printing like this has not gone extinct in any way. How can a wide-format printer

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