Interactive Whiteboards for Schools, Offices, and More

With the world-changing, it’s time to keep up. Superior Copy Machines also offers interactive whiteboards created by Savin for your work-from-home and in-person presentations. With so many companies now switching to work-from-home and classrooms providing hybrid education, we’re ready to help get you jump-started! 

Many offer video and audio capabilities to let you host virtual meetings. This means sharing information over projectors, and teaching in the classroom and at home are more exciting and productive than ever!

How Interactive Whiteboards Work

These products allow you to display a whiteboard demonstration digitally. Some of the fantastic, yet simple features it has are:

  • It’s easy enough to use and operate without any sort of IT support. 
  • Many are an out-of-the-box solution 
  • Doesn’t need input from a dedicated computer or proprietary software
  • Connect to the VGA, HDMI, DVI-D or DisplayPort for display use only 
  • Pair it with a Ricoh digital projector to share presentations with a broader audience
  • Opt for the mobile stand to roll out your ideas in front of audiences quickly.
  • Add an optional mobile stand to move easily
  • Convert any area into a collaborative space. 
  • Consistent HD quality 
  • Improve teamwork video conferencing

Industries that Benefit from Interactive Whiteboards

The fact that interactive whiteboards are starting to become the most significant trend in multiple industries shows how effective they are. Here are a few industries that greatly benefit from these products:

Corporate Communications

From conference calls, big board meetings, training, and even seminars, an interactive whiteboard can bring your meeting to life with engaging graphics and hosting capabilities.

Medical Facilities

From administration messages, lectures, and an endless amount of possibilities for communication.


The classroom was built on the chalkboard, evolved into the whiteboard, and now with hybrid learning, interactive whiteboards are the next step.

Retail Companies

Retailers have a lot of opportunities, from messages to your team, to on the floor with your customers, kiosk sales, meetings, the list is almost endless.

Repair and Maintenance Services Available

Interactive whiteboards are effective but they’re still fallible. That’s why we offer maintenance services in addition to being your office equipment provider. We can help with troubleshooting and repair options. No matter the issue, we can provide you with simple solutions over the phone or send over a technician to see the underlying problem. We can help you upgrade your equipment if needed as well.

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Our services are far and wide, all to better suit your needs as a business. We want to see our El Paso community continue to grow and excel in their services, which is why we devote ourselves to speed and efficiency. Give us a call at (915) 533-9821 or swing by our offices for more information.

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