6 Printer And Copier Malfunctions That Are Warning Signed For A Repair

man standing in front of a malfunctioning printer and scanner as pages jam and fly out of the machine

Millions of business owners across the country know how essential their printer and copier machines are to their success and productivity. Even in our digital age of storing everything on a Google cloud or a shared file system, physical documents are just as crucial as ever. 

However, like all technology, things can go wrong, a moving part can fall out of place, systems can fail. This is when you need to know the warning signs that you need to call in an expert to get your machine fixed before you’re left stranded. 

Before we end up smashing our machines up, as we saw in the 1999 film, Office Space, let’s take a look at the most common issues to stay aware of when it comes to printer and copier malfunctions. 

Common Printer Malfunctions 

It’s very typical to experience printer problems, and paying attention to the print quality is the best way to know if something is up. For many companies, losing the ability to print documents at ease or in a rush is vital to their business. Promotions, documents, and forms are the lifeblood of many companies. 

Unwanted Lines and Blots 

One of the most common issues is with the print quality itself. If you see fading ink, then it could just be that the cartridge needs to be replaced, but anything more than that will require some work. If extra lines are showing up, then it could be a sign that the ink rollers are breaking off or just loose. Getting these replaced early can save you a lot of trouble in the coming days. 

Paper Jams

A paper jam may happen every so while, and there’s almost no avoiding that. It could be from the type of paper you’re using to the brand to the humidity in the room that could cause them to slightly stick together, or just too much paper in the loader. However, regular paper jams are a problem. Making sure the paper tray is properly aligned or if there are any obstructions in the way is the first step. If that doesn’t work, then step number two is to call a professional.

Odd Sounds And Noises 

When there’s suddenly strange noises like grinding or odd whirs going on when you’re printing things, that’s definitely a sign that there’s a problem. You can pull the tray out and see if there’s a paper jam, but if it gets worse, then you’re dealing with some mechanical problems that need to be addressed. 

Low And Inconsistent Performance 

If your printer suddenly stops mid-print or really begins to slow down, then it might put your whole day on hold. This really could mean that the printer is going out, or on the bright side, maybe there’s just a mechanical problem that needs to be fixed or replaced. 

Common Copier Malfunctions 

The great thing about copy machines is that they can be a lot like your car. Typically a flashing light will turn on, indicating it needs to be serviced in some way. Most often, though, the signs aren’t nearly as apparent. 

An Increase Of Toner Needed 

If your toner inventory is depleting quickly, then it could be going other places than the pages you’re printing on. Toner is used like the oil in your car and needs to be replaced every so while. However, it could be leaking out into the machine, creating a mess. Make sure that the toner brand is keeping its word on the yield it claims and either try a different brand or call an expert. 

Printing Errors 

Some printers need firmware updates, and some of the features can stop altogether with it. Although, if your machine doesn’t need an update or doesn’t require them and the features are still not working, then give someone a call. 

Faulty Printing 

Printing blank pages, all black pages, or just not scanning correctly are all signs that you need help right away. There’s probably something loose that is making it grab more papers than needed, or there’s a more internal problem overall. 

Superior Copy Repair And Maintenance 

If you’re having trouble with your printer or copier, give us a call. We can help troubleshoot many errors over the phone or send a technician out if needed. We specialize in Savin and Ricoh but can help you no matter the brand. We can also offer upgrade options if your machines are outdated or beyond any repair capabilities. Give us a call today to learn more about our services today! 


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