7 Ways A Wide-Format Printer Will Benefit You

A young man using a wide-format printer to create posters of a sun design

Every wonder how banners at conventions are made? Giant oversized posters and wall art? Large format printers—more specifically known as wide-format printers—are how all these awesome giant prints come to life. In the life and times of a digital age, printing like this has not gone extinct in any way. How can a wide-format printer benefit your business? There’s a number of reasons no matter what industry you’re in or what you do for a living. These machines can change the face of your business and come in handy when starting up or revamping your image. 

What Is a Wide-Format Printer? 

First off, a wide-format printer allows you to print on various materials between 12 – 100+ inches. This gives you a great variety of possibilities when thinking about physical advertising. It’s on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to a standard at-home printer, or even the photocopy machine you use at work. These printers are designed for high-end productions and function at rapid speeds for the quality they produce. Most wide-format printers can print around 15-20 posters an hour.  

Wide-format printers are made several different ways, solvent, aqueous, and UV, each of them have various advantages for what you’re going to use them for. Of them, all aqueous printers are the most commonly used due to their speed and high resolution. Solvent inkjet printers used for outdoor graphics due to their durable ink that can withstand most weather conditions. UV-based printers are flatbed, which allows them to print on a wider variety of materials with ink known to be just as durable as solvent printers. 

7 Ways To Utilize A Wide-Format Printer

You might ask how could one of these printers benefit my business? It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; there’s going to be a time when having access or knowing a company like Superior Copy Machines could help you. 


From indoor, outdoor, small, large, just about any sign can get upgraded with a wide-format printer’s quality. Promotions, sales, general information looks so much better than if you printed on your office or home computer. Add some legitimacy to your company by getting eye-catching signage to promote or inform people about events and sales.


Banners are one of the best ways to showcase your business at conventions and gatherings of any kind. They’re eye-catching, easy to set-up, and can give a lot of information at once. Banners can get used in multiple ways, and if made right, can be used repeatedly.  From opening day, revamping your image, or just for showcasing who you are, the variety of banners available is almost endless. 


Granted, this is similar to a banner, but backdrops are much larger. This is great for your seasonal switch up or during speeches and announcements. Many companies get backdrops made to use for employee photos or big announcements. If you’re sponsoring an event, having a backdrop to get your name out there is a huge plus.


From events, concerts, merchandise, or specials, a poster can say a lot with just a little. Posters are great for giving out information or showcasing artwork for a special event. Many posters are made in exclusive print runs and can help promote what you do in a simple and appealing way. 


That’s right! Get your company t-shirts to represent your workers, or use them to help spread the word of your brand. T-shirts are one of the highest-selling commerce items around, so there’s almost no reason not to get some made for your company. It’s a great promotional tool and fashionable as well. 

Educational Uses 

The list is endless when thinking of educational purposes from maps, charts, clubs, and sports teams. Education is one of the biggest industries to benefit from printers like these because everything we’ve named so far can all be used. 

Wall Decals And Static Clings 

Static clings are one of the best ways of promotion if you have windows at your business. These can stay up seasonally or permanently, depending on the information you have on them. Wall decals at work, or even at home, can bring the room to life. From artwork, products, people, anything can go on these decals to represent what you want. 

Knowing What’s Best, Choose Superior Copy Machines!

Figuring out what to use these printers for is pretty simple once you have your business up and running. It doesn’t matter if you’re old, new, revamping, or changing seasonal layouts. Wide-format printers have immense advantages and can make you more money by being eye-catching. Superior Copy Machines offers wide-format printers on our SAVIN catalog. Change the way you present things today with stunning prints!

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