IT Services for Your El Paso Business

Superior Copy Machines provides over the phone, remote desktop, and on-site IT services when needed. You can fill out a service form here to get started with your request or call us to get troubleshooting over the phone now. We also help set up security factors for your equipment to lock in who can use your printer and fax machines. Many machines do not have security enhancements set up, meaning that anyone can link up to your equipment. This is where we come in. Let our team protect your business!

FAQs about IT

Managed IT services allow businesses to send out their IT operations to a third-party, such as Superior Copy Machines. The responsibility then becomes ours to handle your business needs when providing or upgrading equipment. 

Since we set up networks for our customers, we can help with purchasing, upgrading, troubleshooting, and maintenance on your equipment when needed.

We also offer VoIP, also known as Voice over IP (Internet Protocol). VoIP allows you to manage outgoing and incoming calls over an internet connection.

Anywhere from troubleshooting or running diagnostics to being a repair on your equipment. Poor internet connections and updates are just some of the problems that we can help fix for you.

We know how much businesses rely on their technology, and when things go wrong, it can put you behind on your services. We take pride in our fast and reliable service. From the moment you call, we start helping you over the phone with troubleshooting or can send a technician to your location within 2 hours, sometimes sooner! We’re ready to get you up and running in no time.

Don’t Wait, We Can Solve Your Problems, TODAY!

You can contact us today by phone at (915) 533-9821. We offer maintenance services, meter reading, and supply forms here. Let us know how we can help you today! 

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