Copier Repair Service

The Quickest Repair In The Southwest

At Superior Copy Machines, we’re incredibly proud to serve the Southwest region with the best repair and maintenance services possible. Due to our team’s unfettered devotion to El Paso and the surrounding communities, our great quality services and products have garnered great reviews and high ratings from past clients. Our reliable and experienced technicians are ready to provide you with the help and guidance you deserve! For questions on our highly rated service and printer repair maintenance, call us today.

Common Repairs We Can Fix

Since we serve El Paso and the surrounding area, we don’t just stop at local businesses. From medical clinics to school support, our technicians have seen it all. Copier repairs consist of anything from paper tray adjustments to cleaning machines that will help fix the copy quality. When working on copier repair, we also resolve issues with:

  • Paper jams 
  • Cartridge issues
  • Toner issues
  • Wrinkled pages
  • Light or dark copies
  • Spots on pages
  • Lines on paper

Whatever your issue may be, contact us today for quick troubleshooting help, or we will offer a technician to head to your location to give your equipment a thorough lookover.

What to Expect from Our Copier Repair Services

At Superior Copy Machines, we continuously provide consistent, rapid responses to our customers, with a focus on professional and friendly service. We help guide you through the process to prevent issues from occurring in the future and suggest upgrades, if necessary. We always do our best to fix your problem as fast as possible and get you back up and running again.

Don't Let a Broken Copier Bring Your Business to a Halt

We know time is money, and if your business relies on a copier to get things going, then missing even the smallest of moments can still cost you. Don’t let printer or copier repair issues prevent you from doing your job. With our quick-to-action repair services, we will give you a fast solution and ensure that you won’t have the problem again. Our average response time is fewer than two hours. Many of our services include in-house maintenance or on-the-spot maintenance so you won’t have to worry about copier malfunctions anymore! If an issue arises, our team can be there in fewer than two hours to get you back up and running.

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What Causes Copier Issues

When it comes to copier issues, there could be a malfunctioning part causing the problem due to foreign debris interfering. Whatever might be, we know that we can fix it. A few common issues we see include: 

  • Imbalanced density control
  • Debris on the copy mirror
  • Worn out feed or exit rollers
  • Foreign material scanner glass
  • Issues with the fuser 
  • The wrong type of paper
  • Dust build-up

Timeline to Get You Back Up and Running

We do our best to provide you with over-the-phone solutions to solve your problem as quickly as possible. If this can’t happen, we send out one of our top technicians to look at your equipment. Most repairs are done at the customer office on the same day. If a unit is brought into the shop in need of parts or major work, we offer a loaner unit. Depending on the issue, parts may have to be ordered.

Contact Us Today - We'll Be There in Fewer than Two Hours!

For all your copier repair needs, you can contact us today by phone at (915) 533-9821. We offer maintenance service and supply forms here. Let us know how we can help you today! 

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